Alligator Bop!

This is my first repeat of an artist! At first I thought the lyrics were “we were moving on”. After looking them up I discovered that the chorus actually goes:

“The sound was like music. We were a movie.”

And I think that those are actually very similar. “We were a movie” says to me that, much like I’ve been doing tonight, we look at our past like a movie. Moving on is the primary way in which we are able to reflect on past experiences, much like watching a movie. This song speaks to me this week because tomorrow is my last day at my first job out of college where I worked with some awesome people for three years of my life. It is an experience in my life that I will never forget. I’ve never reflected harder on it than when moving out of the state (to Connecticut which is pronounced weird based on its consonants). I think that this will resonate with anyone who hasn’t taken a step back to look at what they have been up to, as well as with people whose life is like a movie.


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