The Dangerous Summer: Way Down!

It’s been a while since I put out a Matt’s Music Monday, and this will be the last one of my 20’s. This song is a lot heavier than most songs I instantly gravitate towards, but the music video really grabbed my attention. The song starts out on a really low note, which I’m sure everyone has experienced in their lives. The song turns around after some time, which I’m hopeful happens for people in life, as well. My favorite lines in the song are:

“Fuck, I never knew that summer started

‘Cause here we go again

Yeah here we go again”

I think this is a smart play off the band’s name and it appeals to me because I have a summer birthday. The next lines, for me, remind me that my birthday starts to sneak up on me more and more, but that no matter what happens you always get a fresh start moving forward. It is important to make your “here we go again” moments things that allow you to better yourself.

The stoic themes of the song (potentially inferred) also resonate with me. I think overcoming and persevering through tough times is a strong principle that really takes daily commitment.


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